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If you’re reading this…

Then you probably clicked on my name in the comments section. Perhaps it was sports? Perhaps it was politics?

Sorry to disappoint you, there’s nothing here. I simply love sports, music, and long walks by the beach. Hey here are my two fantasy football teams for this upcoming season (15-16):

Team 1 – Picked 2nd, Standard Yahoo League (10 teams)

QB – Drew Brees, Cam Newton
WR – Jordy Nelson, Brandin Cooks, Sammy Watkins, Jeremy Maclin, John Brown, Michael Crabtree
RB – Jamaal Charles, C.J. Anderson, Rashad Jennings, Alfred Blue
TE – Jordan Cameron, Antonio Gates
K – Empty (for now!)
Def – Baltimore

Team 2 – Picked 4th, Standard Yahoo League (10 teams)

QB – Peyton Manning, Tom Brady
WR – Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, Alshon Jeffery, Keenan Allen, Jarvis Landry
RB – Alfred Morris, T.J. Yeldon, Doug Martin, Arian Foster, Tevin Coleman
TE – Martellus Bennett, Antonio Gates
K – Empty (for now!)
Def – New England

Obviously, team 1 had the advantage of picking 2nd. The draft strategy was fairly straightforward: RB-first, best athlete thereafter. It’s a traditional, tried-and-true strategy that can make or break a team. For example, if I went after Arian Foster, my team would’ve been wrecked from the get-go instead of half-way into the season. On the other hand, two seasons ago I also went after Jamaal Charles only for him to tear his ACL after only 2 games.

Now, team 2 experimented with a WR-first, second, and third strategy. The idea there is that the consistency of top receivers can overcome a lackluster RB corps. Obviously, it has a killer trio of WR1s as starters, and two other high-ceiling receivers on the bench just in case. The RB corps suffered. Alfred Morris, while a dependable 1,000 yard rusher, plays on a team that has a horrible line, unstable QB situation, and WRs who are allergic to blocking downfield. His brick-like hands also keeps his 3rd down and goal line utility limited. On the positive side? Roy Helu is no longer on the team to suck away 3rd down plays. T.J. Yeldon is an unproven rookie. Doug Martin had disappointed consecutive seasons. Arian Foster is injured yet again and might miss more than half the season. Tevin Coleman is in a platoon situation. We’ll see what happens…

Two things: Antonio Gates is an old man by now. His 4 game suspension early in the season might actually help him stay in fantastic shape later in the fantasy playoffs. He’s still one of the most reliable TE’s out there, particularly in red zones.

I hate drafting kickers.


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